Unending Praise With Pastor Chris (June 2022)!

The Pastor Chris Live Unending Praise is a month-long, round-the-clock chain of unending praise and worship to the Lord, with Spirit filled songs of Praise from Loveworld.

You can join 'Live' Praise sessions, any day and anytime, throughout this month of June, as we step into a higher and more glorious arena of life and ministry to the Lord. To participate, please click here.

Join Us This Wednesday!

Join us for an exciting time in God's presence this Wednesday, as our dear man of God, the highly esteemed Rev. Ray, shares truths from God's Word that will change your life forever!

Time: 7PM.

It's a Special Service where the highly esteemed Rev. Ray takes time to answer questions and provide in-depth answers from the scriptures on various topics.

Keep a date with us, and you will be glad you did! This service is streamed exclusively on this platform.

To send in your questions, kindly Click Here.

Join Us This Sunday!

Join us this Sunday for a time of Worship, Prayer, and fellowship in the Word with our dear man of God, the highly esteemed Rev. Ray!

Time: 8AM (Church 1), and 10AM (Church 2).

Both Services are Live streamed on this platform!

Keep a date with us, and get ready for a miracle!